Race the Runway supports numerous local charities and community organizations including the following…

The Smiths Falls Montague Russ Beach Airport Museum

Big Brother/Big Sisters

Lions Club

Montague Volunteer Fire Department

Rotary Club

Smiths Falls-Perth Regional Hospital


The airport museum is a non-profit registered charity organisation operated entirely by volunteers, with the objective of providing educational opportunities, encourage learning on the rich history and aviation heritage of our community, as well as offer general aviation and airport educational information to the public. More specifically, they provide historical and educational learning opportunities for seniors, youth, service clubs and other interested groups through museum tours, lectures and off-site presentations, such as school field days for Air Cadets and other youth organizations.

General Information
History and heritage in Smith Falls have always represented the heart of our community. They define us and make us unique. Unfortunately, nowadays, in our hectic lives, it is so easy to forget about who we truly are. As we lose focus of our roots, we also become uncertain of our future. This is especially true for our youth.Now, imagine the roaring and deafening sound of the airplanes darting through the sky and the youngsters staring up, eyes wide open in amazement, excitement coursing through their veins. They follow the path of the “birds of steel” all way to the Smiths Falls – Montague Airport and their dreams are suddenly re-ignited, their hopes stirred.They want to know more; they want to explore this world and see what holds for them and this is why we created the Smiths Falls ~ Montague Airport Aviation Historical Museum Society. By stepping into the museum, youth are drawn into a fascinating world they never knew existed, a world in which they find renewed respect for their history and inspiration to shape their future; a world that represents an emotional ride for adults as well as seniors, who with great pride, realize that now their past will never be lost.
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