Drivers FAQ

Q. Can I do a burnout to warm up the tires before I run?
A. Yes. We will have a steel plate at the end of the runway for burnouts. Burnouts damage the runway and the painted markings, making it dangerous for aircraft. We learned this the hard way. This is why we use the plate.

Q. Will cars be running side by side on the runway?
A. No. For safety reasons all runs will be solo

Q. Can I run a track-only car?
A. Yes.

Q. What kind of mods are allowed?
A. As long as the car is safe, you can run it. Brakes are by far the most important component for this event.

Q. Do I need a helmet?
A. It’s your call. Helmets are a good idea but not mandatory.

Q. What was the fastest run ever?
A. We knew you’d ask. 330kph at the half mile in an 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo.

Q. What could prevent my car from running?
A. This is not a complete list but here are some definite no-nos: tires not speed rated, brakes not adequate to stop from high speed, car not built/modified for high speed (e.g. we love vintage muscle but, lets face it, many of these beauties just do not steer or stop well at 200kph unless properly modified). Email if you have specific questions

Q. How long is the runway?
A. 1.2km. Cars will have just under half a mile to accelerate and just over a quarter mile to stop

Q. How many runs do I get?
A. Three

Q. Will the speeds be posted?
A. Yes

Q. Does the car need to be mine?
A. Yes. Bring your ownership papers.

Q. I am driving in from out of town the night before and I don’t want to leave my Ferrari/Lambo/Aston in the hotel parking lot overnight. Is there some place secure that I can store it overnight?
A. Yes. Email us for details