Race the Runway Results – How the Data Was Captured

  • All vehicles were allowed up to three runs from a standing start
  • A timing light system recorded the first quarter mile. The timer started when the first beam was broken by the vehicle. There is no christmas tree. Reaction time is not measured
  • Some vehicles did not break the quarter mile finish beam for long enough to stop the clock and therefore no quarter mile time was recorded. This happened mostly with the bikes
  • Some vehicles did not complete three runs due to mechanical failure or other factors including being late for weddings
  • In 2012 and 2013, two radar guns and two LiDAR were used to record speed at the half mile. If values differed between guns, we recorded the higher value. The average discrepancy between LiDAR and radar was 2.5 kph. The average discrepancy between to radars and two LiDARs was less than .5kph. Radar units were tested for high speed accuracy using stunt aircraft doing low passes
  • In 2014, radar was replaced with a Race America 66 foot trap system to capture top speed

Weather Conditions for All Events

Temp in C and with Humidex, wind direction/speed, barometric pressure, humidity.

Aug. 25, 2012
Run#1…26C/32H, S at 11kph, 101.0 BP, 61%
Run#2…29C/36H, S at 11kph, 100.9 BP, 52%
Run#3…31C/38H, S at 10kph, 100.8 BP, 46%
Aug. 24, 2013
Run#1…19C/19H, W at   8kph, 101.5 BP, 52%
Run#2…21C/21H, W at 10kph, 101.4 BP, 48%
Run#3…23C/23H, W at 14kph, 101.2 BP, 38%
Aug. 23, 2014
Run#1…22C/29H, ENE at 16kph, 102.1 BP, 75%
Run#2…23C/29H, NE 14-30kph, 102.1 BP, 67%
Run#3…25C/30H,  E  at   16kph, 102.0 BP, 51%

Aug 15, 2015
Run#1…22C/31H, NNE at 7kph, 102.0 BP, 92%
Run#2…27C/35H, N at 5kph, 101.9 BP, 69%
Run#3…27C/36H, ESE at 7kph, 101.8 BP, 69%


Aug 20, 2015
Run#1…Light rain
Run#2…Intermittent light rain
Run#3…Cloudy, intermittent wet pavement